Monday, 1 September 2014

Sunday, 20 June 1915

Fairly good sea running.  We arrive at Marseilles 6 pm.  Marian and myself go on shore and spend Sunday evening and think it is a very nice place, what struck us most was the number of wine shops & the people seated in the streets sitting round small tables.  But it seemed good to be in a European town again & to see all Europeans after 5 years in the East.  We returned to our ship tired.  Temp 80 degrees.  Run 371.

Saturday, 19 June 1915

Roughest sea of the voyage and many sick.  I have a touch of fever and feel unwell.  Temp 75 degrees. run 395.

Friday, 18 June 1915

Sea rising.  Temperature 75 degrees.  Run 392.

Thursday, 17 June 1915

Sea fairly smooth.  Temp 80 degrees.  Run 382