Wednesday, 22 September 2010

22 September 1910

Thurdsay.  Came in sight of Port Said 7.30 am.  Stop eleven hours.  Coal ship and take in provisions.  Doctor Kirk, Mr & Mrs Gregory, Marian & myself go on shore.  We engage a guide & visit the Mohammedan Mosque & see them worship & wash their feet & we handle the Khedives' Sword.  We buy our helmets & toupes etc.  We return to ship for lunch & I go ashore again in the afternoon & take Hedley & Freddie.  But it is a dirty & immoral place.  But very interesting.  The Arab boys dive for money, also dive under our ship & come up the other side and put money in their mouths.  We enjoy ourselves here & a sight worth seeing. 

The sun very warm & 90 degrees in cabin but closed to keep out coal dust.  We up anchor & start down the Suez Canal about 6 o'clock p.m.  Suez Canal 87 miles long.

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