Sunday, 31 October 2010

14 May 1911

Sunday.  Sunday just after mid-night, to be exact early Monday morning 12.45 am, we experienced an earth-quake shock, lasting about three minutes?  We were in bed and fast asleep, but the violent swing of our bed owing to the rocking of the house woke us up, & having a light in the room at the time, we could plainly see the effect of the shock in our room.  The Gas suspended from the ceiling was rocking like a pendulum of a clock & the boy's bed and mosquito net & frame was in motion.

I seemed to be riveted to the bed & could not move until it was all over, & then myself & Marion got out of bed & went onto the front verhanda & there we heard the Chinese in the road talking in an excited state, so we rang the Bell and Ah Wing came upon the scene, & we took him as interpreter & went into the street & he informed us, upon enquiry that, they like ourselves had been disturbed & scared by the shock.  Mrs Doughton, a Japanese-man & us three then went on the sea front & Ah Wing hailed the San-Pans & inquired if they had experienced anything, but they replied in the negative, so he informed us.  We then made tracks for home & got to bed once more, but not feeling very comfortable or safe.

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