Friday, 5 November 2010

13 November 1911


Revolution in China

The 12th day of November Chinese Rebels proclaimed their Independence at Canton and celebrated the event, being Sunday this was not allowed in HongKong.  But was celebrated on the Monday November 13th.  Not a Chinaman coming to work in the dockyard, with the exception of the number one men of each department.  The Europeans returned home & received full pay for the day.  I went in town on the tramcar to Central Market at 12 o'clock mid-day, this being the time stated for display of Chinese Crackers, & the sight was indescribable.  Crackers in thousands & some from 20 to 30 feet long & being lowered as they burnt, by rope tackles on pulley blocks from the verandahs & house tops.  The smoke from the powder was suffocating & at times it was impossible to see many yards in front of us.  The noise was deafening so that we could not speak to one another.  (Mr Mace being my companion).  Afterwards the streets were covered inches deep with coloured papers that remained of the burnt crackers.  Thousands of pigtails were cut off this day.  Consequently there was a terrible rush upon the hat shops & excitement was running at a very high pitch.  This was a day that happens but once in the history of a nation & such as once having seen could never be forgotten in a life time.  The Republican flag was displayed from every window and door.  Business of every description being suspended for the day.

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