Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Wednesday, 23 June 1915

We arrive at Gibraltar 2.00 pm along side the Dockyard to take on a 7' 5" gun in case of submarine attack.  We were not allowed to land in the dockyard, but went on shore in a hired P&O launch for which we were charged 2/- each.  This we considered to be bare face robbery and caused a good deal of discontent amongst the passengers.  We went on shore, not much to see being only a Naval-Base.  Just one main street.  Weighed ourselves.  Marian was 7 stone, myself 10 stone 3 lbs.  Had some refreshments and returned to our ship in the evening.  I met a Naval ordnance storehouse-man from Portsmouth on board with the gun and fittings by the name of Mr Constance.

Sea smooth.  Run 372. Temp 73 degrees.

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