Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wednesday, June 16th 1915

We arrive at Port Said 1.30 am, and we go on shore before breakfast and have a better opinion of the place than the last time we were there five years ago.  It looked cleaner and the shops improved.

There is a splendid beach and bathing houses are quite numerous and a long stone pier runs about one mile out; in the centre is a monument of the Engineer that cut the Suez Canal.  We leave again at 12 midday and see sharks just outside the harbour.

P.S.:  While we are in harbour the arab boys dive under our ship for money and several boats come alongside playing banjos, violins, guitars and mandolins and the passengers throw them money.  We also have a conjurer come on board and do some wonderful tricks.  I took out a chicken from my inside breast coat pocket!

After leaving this port the weather becomes much cooler and drops from 95 degrees to 80 degrees in very few hours.  The following day dropping to 75 degrees and many becoming sick with fever myself included.  Freddie and Marian also very unwell owing to the sudden change of temperature.

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